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Jiangsu Jiulang High-tech Co., Ltd. is the first professional company engaged in R&D of membrane for efficient gas cleaning and providing solutions of gas cleaning. The company, supported by Membrane Science & Technology Research Center of Nanjing Tech University, State Key Laboratory of Material-Oriented Chemical Engineering, Institute of Membrane Science and Technology, Nanjing Tech University, National Engineering Research Center For Special Separation Membrane, has a full range of membrane for gas cleaning: low-temperature dust removal membrane, medium-temperature dust removal membrane, high-temperature dust removal membrane, hydrophobic and oileophobic membrane, catalytic membrane, antimicrobial membrane, etc., widely applied to industrial exhaust gas treatment, high value-added powder material recycling, indoor air cleaning and other areas. The company has a number of world’s leading c and core equipment, and was selected in "Key supporting technologies (equipment) for environmental protection and cleaner production in the petroleum and chemical industries"The company has applied for 32 patents related to the efficient gas dust removal membrane, 13 have been authorized and 3 are PCT international Patent.  The achievements have won Second Class Prizes of The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Second Class Prizes of The State Technological Invention Award and other national award.
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